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The Best Formulation

World-renowned veterinarian, Eleanor Kellon, DVM conducted an exhaustive study of gamma oryzanol, which reached the following conclusion:

"Gamma oryzanol in emulsion maintained and built muscle mass, improved fertility in mares and stallions, reduced the signs of stress and did all of this without any adverse side effects."

The Secret is in the Emulsion


Later, Dr Kellon stated in her critically acclaimed book, EQUINE SUPPLEMENTS AND NUTRACEUTICALS:

Liquid gamma oryzanol in fat emulsion suspension is the recommended form of this supplement. A controlled trial performed by this author comparing the fat emulsion form and various powdered gamma oryzanols showed no benefit from the powders, but dramatic results with the fat emulsion form.


Gamma Oryzanol is a SAFE and VERY EFFECTIVE alternative to Equipoise or Winstrol—getting equivalent strengthening results with NONE of the harmful side effects.”


First, Remove Obstacles

For performance horses, endoscopic tests, one at rest and one at work, are an excellent step towards making sure there are no hidden obstacles to building muscle.

These tests provide incomparable insight into the health and structure of organs and metrics on how the horse’s systems respond under the stresses of maximum exertion.

Next, Get the Best

Muscle-Building Supplement

The quest for power and speed has led to drug abuse (steroids, etc.) in all horse sports. With the discovery of gamma oryzanol in  emulsion, a new solution exists that builds muscle without sacrificing bones, organs or systems.

Super Foods and Performance

Performance-enhancing drugs won’t be needed. The horse will accomplish more with less training and less wear and tear. He or she will naturally do better with less grueling workouts, which allows the build-up of deeper reserves for events.

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The Results

Within a month of introducing Equi-BuildER to the regular ration, you will see external indicators of cellular nourishment and rejuvenation:

  • more sculpted muscle tone
  • improvement in overall condition
  • stronger top line
  • greater power and stamina
  • increased mental and physical vigor
  • calm energy
  • better skin tone
  • brighter disposition and attention

The horse acts stronger because he or she is stronger. 

Equi-BuildER supports lean body mass and muscle growth. It is safe, its results cumulative and it does not test.